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Scottish fold cattery Chowbella*PL – how it started?

Why did I choose scottish folds?

I’m a cat owner from many years. Every cat is lovable and charming. Scottish folds captivitated me with their unique look, surprised – owl head expression and predictable temperament. Dream about owninig scottish fold appeard in my head in 2003, but it couldn’t come true for some times. My dream was to have white female with round head and small, folded ears. I found my dream fold in Crimea, after two yeas of searching. My scottish fold is friendly and brave, she easily adapts to new places and give us a lot of joy and love. In 2016  join us highland straight male Diam-and Romelio from Russia.


fold Alborosie Chowbella*PL
scottish fold hodowla Chowbella*PL

Dream come true!


The first litter Elizabeth and Romelio was a great joy, the kittens went to great homes and tortie smoke female Amontillado Chowbella*PL began to achieve  successes with new owner at cat shows in France. In the meantime, we realized that it’s difficult to achieve breeding successes alone. So after long conversations at the beginning of 2017,  a new female called Verdi Nyasha from Ukraine came to live with us. The result of co-owning Nyasha was the SH litter, born in Poland. From this litter female  Shakira came back to cattery Verdi and her brother Shakeapare stayed with us. This year will join us next beatiful cats, that will be  fulfillment of our dreams and ambitions about scottish fold cats.

What distinguishes cattery Chowbella*PL?

We combine love with knowledge and experience

The breeder is an experienced animal behaviorist, who in a planned and aware way socializes kittens so that they grow into wonderful, self-confident and happy animals. We are constantly expanding our knowledge about animal psychology and genetics.

All our animals live together

We don’t accept cages and permanent insulation. All our pets live together and form a consistent pack. Kittens raised in our house know not only their siblings, but also other animals and know how to communicate with them.

We have time for animals

Although we work professionally, our animals don’t stay alone for more than 2-3 hours. This is especially important when we have kittens, who learn  the world. At this time we  devote every moment to them.

Only with pedigree

All our cats and kittens have internationally recognized pedigrees, which guarantee their origin, and thus a specific look and temperament.

We help

We help our kitten owners not only during the time of kitten acclimatization in a new environment, but also later – at every stage of a cat’s life.

Good of the cat is the most important

We don’t sell kittens for not registeret catteries, cage breeding or countries, where  animal rights arn’t respected. Kittens sold as pets are castrated, all cats are microchipped. We don’t want to quickly get rid of kittens, but we want great, responsible homes for our kids.

kociak z hodowli Chowbella*PL