Why did I choose these breeds?

Why did I choose scottish fold?

I'm a cat owner from many years. Every cat is lovable and charming. Scottish folds captivitated me with their unique look, surprised - owl head expression and predictable temperament. Dream about owninig scottish fold appeard in my head in 2003, but it couldn't come true for some times. My dream was to have white female with round head and small, folded ears. I found my dream fold in Crimea, after two yeas of searching. My scottish fold is friendly and brave, she easily adapts to new places and give us a lot of joy and love.
Cattery Chowbella*PL is registrated in WCF.

Why did I choose chow chow?

I was preparing to select a dog breed for a long time. As a cat lover I chose chow chow not for a reason. I liked their independence, proud look and impressive coat. I knew that chows have hard character and are stubborn, but I did't need an absolutely obedient dog.

Cerber met our all expectations. His catlike character comlpletely suits us. Carefully socialized chow chow recpects all family members, lives in harmony with cats and additionaly is perfect companion for hiking in the woods and good guard. I think that the most important task for chow owner is to understand the original nature of this breed. This makes it possible to build relationship based on trust and friendship.