Animal behaviorist

Helping animals and their owners is my everyday life

I graduated from Polish Philology with specialization in social communication. I’ve always been interested in communication not just about people, but also about animals. I was fascinated by the relationship between species and the art of building the proper bonds between people and animals.

In 2008 I founded in cooperation with Ewa Szczepaniak CHATUL Foundation, a non-profit organisation, which provides assistance to animals in need. CHATUL helps hundreds of pets every year, especially cats. Working in my foundation gave me a lot of experience in dealing with difficult animals.

I’m active member of Polish Kennel Club (ZKwP) and I completed courses about animal health, reproduction and grooming. I’m happy because I work with animals every day.

I’m certificated animal behaviorist. I’m most interested in the issues of communication of dogs, cats, primitive breeds and socialization.

If your cat is having problems e.g.

  • in using litter box
  • destroy furniture
  • vocalizing
  • behaves aggressively
  •  sleeps all days and is apathetic

I will help diagnose your cat’s problem and I will arrange for you an individual behavioral plan that will solve the troublesome problems. I also help in choosing the right dog and cat for a given family (not only within the selection of the breed, but also in the selection of a particular pet). I work in Bytom and Upper Silesia.

Patrycja Partyka

Animal behaviorist